Thursday, August 27, 2009

Generating radio and television interviews

Putting together a radio and television promotion campaign is much the same as dealing with print media. In fact, we can use the identical Available for Interview promo package. Be aware of one difference, however: In electronic media, formats and personnel change as often as bed linen. It's a pressure-cooker world, making radio and TV mobile career fields. As personalities move on, often the shows they chaired disappear.

Television, being the most prestigious of promotional media, many times presents the largest challenge to your imaginative publicity campaign. Always contact TV stations in main metropolitan areas at least eight weeks before your availability date. Major network shows will require even longer lead times. Call the producers' offices to find out how far ahead their guests are booked, and ask the names of the producers or guest coordinators, the correct spellings, and their e-mail addresses.

We recommend both the front- and backdoor approaches to television in the big cities, meaning you send one package to the general program director and another to the producer of any specific show you wish to be on. Sound interesting and vivacious! No one wants a dull guest. Make sure you are pitching an idea for a show--not just promoting your book.

Of course, follow up on both if you haven't heard anything in a couple of weeks. As with all promotion, tenacity and repetition may turn the key, but don't inundate them with correspondence, phone calls, or emails.

(Portions of this post have been excerpted from The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 5th Edition, by Marilyn Ross & Sue Collier, coming March 2010, Writer's Digest Books.)

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